5 Annoying Things Internet Marketers Say and Do

February 24, 2011 / The Online Life / By Kathy Alice

It’s always sad to find someone who appears to have something good to say, and then end up having to opt out of their email list. Often it’s due to the barrage of emails. But it’s also because of the annoying “tricks” they pull. Here’s my 5 annoying things Internet Marketers say and do

  • Emails that begin with “Real Quick” … and then point you to a 20 minute video to watch.
  • This is coming down real soon … overdoing the “scarcity emotional trigger” so much that is it pathetic, in email after email
  • This is very important, click on this link right now … giving you no context on what the topic is and why you should even care
  • This is why I do it .. It’s never for the money, but for the adorable picture perfect family
  • I’ve found the secret! … You found the ultimate secret to success last week too, what makes this one this week any better?

What’s annoying to you?

About the Author Kathy Alice

Kathy Alice Brown is a SEO expert specializing in Technical SEO and Content. In her spare time she loves to get outside.

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