September 16, 2020 / Core Web Vitals, Geek Corner, Search Engine Optimization / by Kathy Alice

So Google Search Console has told you you have pages with poor LCP. Or you have run Google Lighthouse on a page that complains of a LCP longer than 4 seconds.

LCP, Largest Contentful Paint, is one of the new Core Web Vitals, which include FID (First Input Delay) and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift). The Core Web Vitals are part of Google’s new ranking factor: Page Experience that will be implemented in 2021.

But which element on your page is the LCP?

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July 9, 2020 / Geek Corner / by Kathy Alice

Having been involved with many site and domain migrations I thought I had seen everything, but recently I ran into a case where the DNS settings were very much in force but not accessible at all.

Using the whois domaintools site, I could see that the site was hosted at Rackspace, however the domain was configured to point to DreamHost Name Servers rather than to the Name Servers at Rackspace. So I logged into DreamHost to see how it was configured, but the account was closed. And had been closed since 2017!

Closed Dreamhost account

So while the DNS settings appeared to be working just fine, we could not access them. They were a ghost, present but invisible.

How was this possible? Let me first cover some definitions, and then I will tell you how we ended up with ghost DNS settings, and what we had to do to migrate them off DreamHost.

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April 3, 2011 / Geek Corner / by Kathy Alice

slicehost logo Problem. You are given a bunch of Perl scripts that take several days to run and expect a Linux environment. You don’t know Perl that well, don’t have a clue whether the scripts will run in your MacOS environment (let alone Windows) and you don’t really want to tie up one of your machines or laptops. What to do?

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