July 12, 2023 / SEO Guides / by Kathy Alice

When it comes to Technical SEO it’s easily to get mired in the details. When I do a technical SEO site audit, it’s not uncommon for me to find 60 or more issues, which can be overwhelming and make it more challenging to know where to start. The thing is not every technical SEO issue is critical to fix. So the question is:

Which technical SEO issues are the most important?

While you can find many listicles of top technical SEO issues, zeroing on the one or two fixes that will really make a difference for your traffic is a matter of having both knowledge and experience. And what many articles miss, is that it’s not just the type of issue you need to consider, but also the scope.

Here are the key questions you can ask yourself to help determine the urgency of the issue.

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August 7, 2020 / SEO Guides / by Kathy Alice

The HTML title tag is a HTML element that defines the title of a web page. HTML document titles are used in a number of ways, including by the search engines such as Google.

Title tags are significant for SEO because:

  1. They are used as a ranking signal by search engines 
  2. They appear in the search engine result pages as the clickable headline of a search listing (commonly called snippets). 

Title tags are different than, and should not be confused with the H1 tag which also sometimes is referred to as the title of a page.

Unlike a H1 tag, you won’t find the title tag appearing anywhere on the web page. Like HTML meta tags, the title tag is part of a collection of tags that convey information about the page rather than containing the text that is visible is on the web page. 

Also Known As

  • Page titles
  • SEO titles

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