February 11, 2013 / Self Publishing / by Kathy Alice

Publish on KindleI’m finishing up a book that I intend to publish on the Kindle store in Amazon. Last year I came up with a diet that I successfully used to lose over 10 pounds and decided to write about it. The weight loss world is full of confusing information, and it’s been an interesting journey to look at the food we eat and the entrenched problems with the food industry and the struggles many have with obesity.

Since I knew nothing about self publishing on Kindle it has been a learning curve. However it’s not rocket science and below are some of the useful resources and guides I have found for publishing on Kindle on Amazon

While this post just focuses on Kindle, which is the biggest marketplace for self published digital books, the Kindle Store is not the only market. However Amazon offers the KDP Select program, where in exchange for listing your book exclusively in the Kindle store you get the ability to offer your book for free which can be a great marketing tool to get your book noticed. So I will start with that and then decide after the 90 days whether the lock in is worth it.

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