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I’m into the third week of traveling in Europe. As mentioned in my previous travel in Europe post I’m also working part-time while traveling. The first week I spent in Munich, including a visit to Oktoberfest and the second week in Istanbul, Turkey. Now I am visiting Prague, a beautiful city which I highly recommend.

Google in Czech

Probably the biggest disappointment has been my Droid’s ability to connect to various wireless networks. Maybe it’s because I’m a relatively new smartphone user and somewhat clueless. In Munich, at first it had full connectivity, but then uploading of pictures to Facebook and Google+ failed, although email continued to work. In Istanbul it just wouldn’t connect to the private wireless network we had in the apartment, no matter how many times I typed in the password correctly, meanwhile the laptop, my clunky Windows XP Dell, didn’t have a problem. Now it’s having fits over the fact that I changed my gmail password and keeps prompting me to enter the password and failing.

Setting up a plan so that I could use it for voice and SMS was a good idea though. I’ve only used it to call once due to the expense, but having the ability to text (5 cents to receive a text and 50 cents to send one) has been very handy.

BTW. I’ve visited one or two internet cafes – and everyone is still using Windows XP. No Vista, no Windows 7.

Most everything else has worked well. I’m a new fan of Skype. I got a monthly subscription to call the US and Canada and that has worked great. You simply start up Skype and use the “call phone numbers” option. The calls are clear (you’re calling from Istanbul, really? But it’s so clear!) and it has worked very well. I dare say it’s clearer than calling on a cell phone! Unfortunately I haven’t tried Skype mobile yet, due to the challenges I’ve mentioned above.

One thing about travelling and work is that in each place you are never quite sure of what you might encounter or how your schedule might work. However by being flexible and taking advantage of “downtime” with some flexibility you can mix work and travel.

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Kay Rice says October 4, 2011

Awesome Kathy!!! I hope you will share lots of pictures and adventures with us!

Kathy Alice says October 5, 2011

Thanks Kay! I had hoped to be uploading more pictures to Facebook/Google+ as I traveled – but certainly will share all when I get back.

Amanda says October 14, 2011

Win XP, did you meet early man there? Well,I don’t face those connectivity issue but I am concerned about the battery life most of the times!

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