How to create embed code for your infographic in WordPress

October 6, 2012 / WordPress / By Kathy Alice

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Got infographic? Although the linkbaiting with an infographic tactic has been around for while, it’s popularity shows no sign of abating. Infographics also seem tailor made to share on pinterest, a visual pin up board.

But of course we don’t want sharing limited to pinterest, our ultimate goal is to have other bloggers embed the infographic so that we build backlinks to our site. So that is where creating an embed code box comes in. Just an aside, I’m surprised to see infographics posted without these – putting the onus on me as a blogger to figure out how to embed it in my post. So why not make easy? It might get you a few more links.

In WordPress, which has a plugin for just about anything, turns out – you guessed it – there is a plugin to create an embed code box. It’s pretty straightforward. When you install the plugin, which is named: Embed Code Generator (more info on the plugin), it adds a new section to your post creation and editing screen. If you don’t fill it in, it will not add anything to your post. But if you do fill it, as I have below – it will add an embed box to the end of your post.

Embed Code Generator Plugin Dialog

Once you fill it in, just update the post and there will be an embed box for bloggers to copy and paste the code so that they can display the infographic on their own blog.

Copy and Paste embed code

This technique doesn’t have to be limited to infographics, you can use it to share other graphics. Hat tip to Michael Gray for his Google Plus post on this plugin.

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  1. Thanks Kathy for this post on embedding code for Infographic. I was looking for this solution for my infographics on Digital Marketing.

    I checked the plugin link, which shows that the plugin has not been updated for quite a while. I justed wanted to check out if there any alternative plugin do you know about which has the same capability as Embed Code Generator

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