March 11, 2013 / Search Engine Optimization / by Kathy Alice

green video play  buttonWhen you create a video for your online marketing you have two distinct strategies available to you:

  1. Put it on YouTube and other video sharing services. Optimize the video for YouTube and try and get as many people to view it as possible. This is great for branding your business and driving traffic to your site (generally through a link in the description), however it doesn’t do very much for your site’s SEO.
  2. Embed the video onto your site. Now you are adding content to your site and enhancing the user experience, which is all good for your site’s SEO.

By embedding video on your site, I’m not talking about copying and pasting the YouTube video embed code on your site. Yes that might help your visitor stick around longer which indirectly helps your site’s SEO. However unless you have a really powerful site, your page is almost never going to outrank the video you have uploaded onto YouTube. Especially if the video is well tagged in YouTube.

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