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Thank you! Traffic Boost Mini Audit Next Steps

The Traffic Boost Mini Audit 

  • Find any lurking problems that are scaring search bots and your site's visitors away
  • Review and suggest updates to your messaging (and title tags) for 2 of your key pages
  • Discover your ideal next steps for your online marketing

NOTE:  Charge will come from Blue Shy Enterprises.

STEP 1: Click on the below button and answer the 6 questions

STEP 2:  Add user kathy.brown@gmail.com to Google Analytics and Google Search Console (as a regular user, I don't need Admin access) - see details below

Don't have Google Analytics or Google Search Console?  Read this article.  

Instructions for adding me to your GA and GSC accounts:

Google Analytics Instructions:

Please add kathy.brown@gmail.com to your Google Analytics account either to the Account overall or to the Property. You can reach GA User Management by click on "Admin" in the lower left hand corner when you log into Google Analytics.

Google Search Console:

Next add kathy.brown@gmail.com to your GSC profile by clicking on "Manage Property" on the home page and selection "Add or Remove" users in the drop down. (NOTE: if you see the dashboard of your site instead, get to the GSC home page by clicking on "Search Console" in the upper left.

STUCK????? Email me

STEP 3:  You're done! I will be contacting you with a calendar link to book the time for the mini audit.