WordPress 3.5 and Twenty Twelve

WordPress basicsAn early Christmas present for WordPress enthusiasts – WordPress 3.5 is scheduled for release on December 5th. I’m not going to walk through all the changes – you can easily do that for yourself by reading the Beta 1 post and the Beta 2 post on wordpress.org.

The big thing that most will notice is that the Media Manager has been completely revamped. Instead of a list of images in the library that you work with individually via a popup dialog, the tags settings are presented within the lightbox to the right. Image galleries are now a lot easier, you just select the images you want to put into a gallery and just add to the post. It’s like WordPress menus that were introduced in WordPress 3.0 – it’s so much easier that you will wonder how you lived without it. A couple of other noteworthy changes is that the blogroll widget is gone (does anyone use blogrolls anymore?), a color picker and a new welcome screen.

Under the covers, the new media manager is making use of the underscore.js and backbone.js Javascript libraries. The guys at Automattic are serious about making WordPress a true platform and WordPress 3.5 represents a step towards providing support (if you are interested check out the media models in wp-includes) for those who want to build their own custom admin. It will be interesting to watch whether developers take up the opportunity.

I would be remiss without mentioning that there is a new Twenty Twelve theme available NOW. The Twenty Eleven theme was a great default theme. Fully responsive, it was interesting to see so many websites adopt it as a parent theme and just make some minor modifications to customize it. We will see if Twenty Twelve is as successful. Twenty Twelve has already garnered some raves, some are saying that it is even a better theme for those ubiquitous mobile devices that are now so woven into our lives

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Paul D. Mitchell says March 8, 2013

I’m useing Wordpres 3.5 on my site and I’m quite happy with it. It has got more friendly dashboard and navigation for me and I like it.
So I would recomend it but what you think?
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    Kathy Alice says March 8, 2013

    Yes, WordPress has really evolved over the releases. Sometimes the change can be a little unnerving but usually I get used to it quickly. Also it is very important to keep up to date with the updates as they often have security updates.

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