Why Your Website is Not as Search Engine Friendly as You Think !

Unless you can put a tick by most of the elements in our list then your web site is NOT very search engine friendly.

If a search engine is to regard your web site as truly search engine friendly it must be able to tick a lot more of the items in our list than was ever previously the case.

If you can not in all honesty tick enough elements on the list below, then you have some catching up to do, especially when this is not a complete list.

  • Details on how often to visit
  • htaccess file used
  • Related terms on a page relevant to topic
  • No tracking hosted by other sites
  • Unique page titles that use keyword phrases
  • Minimal on-page scripts and inline CSS
  • No rapid building of site links
  • Information on the type of page
  • No pages with similar content
  • Key pages that are reached in two clicks
  • Incoming links use keyword phrases
  • Permanent redirect links to other pages
  • Link nofollow tag used
  • Incoming links from topic related sites
  • Less than 155 character page description

You might also like to try our optimization tutorial quiz to see how search engine friendly your website is compared to our full list of fifty factors.

There are ten questions in our online search engine optimization tutorial quiz that cover all the essential aspects for a search engine friendly website and cover the essential elements of optimization that you should have on your own web site.

An optimization tutorial following the quiz explains why all of the elements are important in making your site well optimized and search engine friendly.

To determine how well your site is optimized take our search engine optimization tutorial and see what you could do to improve it.

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