Why You Need Web Directory Listings

Directory NewSEOs routinely recommend that you should list your site with a web directory such as the yahoo directory. This is different than submitting your site to the search engines (which is usually unnecessary). Submitting your website to a web directory is a great way to jump start your link building.

Free vs. Paid Web Directories

I would love to be able to tell you that there are some great free web directories out there, unfortunately in this case, at least in the general web directories, it is a case that you get what you paid for. For certain niches you might be able to find a good free directory that is industry specific, but for a general web directory, all the free ones are not of high quality.

Criteria to look at

  • The easiest thing to look at is the PR (page rank) of the directory site. Yahoo and Business.com are not cheap ($299 a year) but they are PR 8 and 7 respectively. If this is out of your budget, there are some good second tier directories that are much cheaper.
  • It is important too, to determine the page your website is likely to be listed on. What is it’s PR? The PR of the parent page? Getting listed in some of the lower quality directories often means your listing gets buried on a page that is unranked and rarely crawled.
  • Google and the other search engines tend to devalue links that didn’t involve a human making a decision to create that link. So look for a editorial policy that does not guarantee a listing. Yes, you take a risk that your listing won’t be approved or will get listed on a page you didn’t choose, but this editorial oversight is what gives that link its juice.

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Organic SEO Services, White Hat SEO says May 12, 2011

[…] websites to link to yours. You can also “place” links to your site by submitting it to directories or by writing articles as a guest […]

Elijah Clark says December 4, 2011

yeah, but this just sucks. it cost almost 1k to get into top directories. the question i keep trying to look for is if its worth it? how much are these directories giving off to those who list in them.

Kathy Alice says December 5, 2011

The two top tier directories cost $299 a year when I last looked. You would have to ask yourself what it would cost you (including your time and labor) to convince an equivalent high PR site to link to you. If your answer is less than $299 go for it! Or you can look into some of the second tier directories which are less expensive.

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