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A few days ago I caught a talk by John Pettitt, CEO of repost.us at a Meetup organized by Murray Newlands. The meetup description promised a cool way to do content syndication.

As an SEO when I hear the words content syndication, I think “PROBLEM”. With my recent Penguin link audit reviews I see so much scraped content (see my article marketing case study) that I was less enthusiastic about checking out another way to republish content on the web, further diluting the good unique content out there that gets written. However I came away impressed with the repost.us approach and vision.

Turns out that repost.us has a good approach and vision. repost.us provides a way to embed articles, very similar to embedding YouTube videos. The idea is that writers get more visibility for their articles and publishers get more content for their sites. The embedding is done in a way using an iframe that “hides” the embedded article from the search engines so the original article isn’t diluted by multiple copies elsewhere on the web. Furthermore, the repost.us system actually adds links to the article that links to other content on your site, a new potential traffic source, John says they see an average of more than 5% click through rate.

repost.us has the vision of being the new news wire services for the web. Subscribing to existing wire services is expensive, often thousands of dollars, using repost.us as an alternative is free.

To check it out I went to the repost.us and searched for an article on “content syndication” since that is what this blog post is all about. I found the below article on Tiberr (since social media can be thought of as a content syndication channel) and two clicks later, I had the embed code for my blog. This article has ads, but some don’t. Pretty straightforward and I didn’t have to even create an account.

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Kiva says August 2, 2012

I’ve started using Repost.us and have had a good experience with it so far. All my websites are Creative Commons licensed so it just makes sense to get into their search engine and let others find it more easily. For me the Internet is about sharing. Repost.us helps us do, freely!

Kathy Alice says August 3, 2012

Thanks Kiva, it’s good to hear the positive feedback!

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