A Quick Tour of Google+ (Plus) – Video

Google launched it’s much discussed social network recently, Google+ (Google Plus). It has been the subject of much discussion. Some saying it will crush Facebooks, others saying Facebook has too much market lead for Google+ to be much of a factor. And still others lamenting that there is yet another “inbox” to now check.

It’s been hard to get into Google+, it helps if you have an invite, but often you will get the “at capacity” message, that seems to be getting better and I got in yesterday.

Here’s a video I did that is a quick tour of the Google+ network.


Circles are the key differentiators for Google+. As you add people to your network, you drag and drop them into one of your Circles: Friends, Family or any circle you create. Circles is how you segment your network and give them varying levels of access (for example who can see the details of who your employer is).


Just like the Facebook wall, but you “+1” posts instead of “Liking” them.


A way to add interests and topics to follow news on. Maybe this is where the “Google Business” page comes in?


I didn’t play around with this much, this is how you get together with your circle with your web cam. Note also the gmail chat has been pulled into Google+ as well and you can filter who gets to chat with you by circle.

Love to hear comments on what people think of Google+

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