Overwhelmed by Technology – Trends to Watch

Happy New Year! This is the first of a series of blog posts on trends to watch in 2011.

Overwhelmed by Technology or Do me

Last year I did a number of posts on Facebook and Google changes. The comments on my Facebook post were interesting, especially on the concept of a Facebook email account. Many just didn’t like the idea of yet another email account to manage. This sentiment echos other comments I heard, people are just overwhelmed by the technological change. If you are on any marketers’ email list, as I am, not a day doesn’t seem to go by, when you get emailed about some new earthshaking technique that you would be a fool to ignore. Witness the latest Brendon Bruchard campaign on becoming an expert, echoing many marketers out there, and many are saying to become an expert, you need to master video.

What’s kind of interesting is that the technology has really become easier. In particular wordpress makes it a lot easier to put together websites, and hand held video recorders with YouTube puts video in reach of many. What’s confusing is all the noise about HOW to use the technology effectively. Unfortunately there isn’t single right path for businesses. What may work for one may not work for another. But marketers and web consultants learn “a way” and that is what they promote as the latest, must have technique.

So what is the common reaction to the confusion? It’s “do me”. More and more, people are not willing to invest the time to learn the basics, and they are increasingly willing to hire it out. Pure education on how to market on the internet may not sell as well unless you offer a packaged service as well. Due to this trend, for my business, I’ve started offering services building optimized websites for this very reason.

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