Moving Beyond On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Most people divide SEO (search engine optimization) into two buckets – on page SEO and off page SEO. However, with changes in the SEO landscape over the last couple of years, these tactical ways of thinking may have you overlooking some key SEO principles. It’s time to take a bigger picture, more comprehensive view of your site’s SEO.

What is on page SEO?

On page SEO, sometimes also called “technical SEO” is the optimization of various on page factors to help your web page rank better in the search engine results pages. These include factors such as:

  1. Page titles
  2. The h1 on your page
  3. Meta descriptions
  4. alt tags on your images

For these (and more) you are adjusting these on page HTML elements to have keywords that align with what your searchers are looking for.

What is off page SEO?

Off page SEO is also known as linkbuilding. Here you are actively trying to get other websites (preferably authoritative and relevant ones) to link to your website with keywords in your link anchor text.

These are all good tactics, but they are not the full picture of all the things you should think about when you build your SEO strategy for your website.

Here’s the way I think about SEO

  1. Search engine friendliness
  2. Optimization – this is mostly our old friend – on page SEO
  3. User engagement
  4. Promotion – includes, but is not just limited to linkbuilding

Is your site search engine friendly?

What good is your optimized page if the search engine can’t find it? And what if this page appears as multiple pages to the search engine. SEO’s today have to think about getting rid of duplicate content within a site, page load speed (which Google announced it would consider as a signal over a year ago) and submitting XML sitemaps to both Google and Bing.

Is your site engaging?

If users quickly bounce off your website, that is a negative signal to Google and the other search engines. Good website design, good navigation are all considerations SEOs have to take into account. Social media is a factor here, a strong following across the social media channels often turn into backlinks.

Think of off page SEO in terms of campaigns rather than as linkbuilding

Backlinks occur as a result of PR efforts and marketing campaigns. Instead of thinking of getting a couple of links to your website, think about how you can promote your business and what value you can provide that will naturally attract links.

About the Author Kathy Alice

Kathy Alice Brown is a SEO expert specializing in Technical SEO and Content. In her spare time she loves to get outside.

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Indian Classifieds says June 12, 2012

nice article thnx for sharing….

Anand Saini says September 13, 2012

Till Google is mastero of search engine ranking the on page SEO will be above 60% and 20% will be off page SEO and 10% will be server speed,page load timeing and remaining 10% will be contents refreshing and usual updating of websites.

    Kathy Alice says September 24, 2012

    Where did you get these numbers?

Tempat Wisata says December 19, 2013

backlinks are something that should be done on an ongoing basis. SEO offpage optimization by itself is something that is sustainable. If you have a lot of stock, it is better to share them in a long span of time, instead of torturing myself put it all in a short time. Do with the slowly but surely.

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