Moz Releases 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors Survey

2013 Moz search engine factors surveyEvery other year Moz (formerly known as SEOMoz) surveys SEOs in the industry and asks them to weigh in on what they think are the most important search engine ranking factors. The 2013 edition of the survey has been released and this post has the results embedded in the full post – plus an embed of the Google+ discussion.

Perhaps the most noteworthy item on the survey is the belief by SEO’s that the number of +1’s has a positive correlation with high rankings ……

Before we get too excited and think we found the new “it” ranking factor, Rand Fishkin is well known for reminding us that “correlation is not causation”. It might be that the +1s come along with all the other SEO “goodness” such as excellent content that gets linked to, high authority site, etc… A recent study done by Eric Enge supports this view that Google+ activity in isolation doesn’t seem to help with rankings.

Nevertheless, I don’t think that any SEO believes that Google+ signals are completely ignored. While it is clear that they are not treated the same as well known ranking factors such as keywords in your title tag or the number of unique linking domains to your site, they may function as a “lift” if other positive ranking factors are present.

2013 Moz Search Engine Ranking Factors Survey

One thing about the infographic above is that the embed code contains no links to While I’m sure that they will still get links and plenty of social signals, I guess they heeded the clues Matt Cutts has dropped about how Google views infographics – especially large scale distribution of them.

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Cyrus Shepard says October 4, 2013

Hi Kathy!

I work for Moz and helped produce this report. Ironically, I found your site when looking for sites that mentioned “Rand Fishkin” but didn’t link to Moz. Haha!

I’m working on post that shows how to find mentions like this so you can reach out to webmasters and ask for a link. Would love to use you as an example 🙂

Any chance you could link to the original source?

Kathy Alice says October 4, 2013

Hi Cyrus,

Thanks for reaching out. Sure, you can definitely use me as an example. Note that you can easily get to the source via the link that is in the embedded G+ post – so that is why I didn’t add a text link as well. However I would be happy to add it in. Coming up shortly…

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