Cha, Cha, Changes! First Facebook now Meetup

meetupDo you use Meetup? It’s a great way to connect to people locally with similar interests like yours. I belong to several meetup groups, including one that meets at live music shows and another that is a networking group. And I just joined a blogging group.

Meetup just rolled out some drastic changes, particularly to the group pages. Similar to the angst over the new Facebook profile, people are not happy. It’s quite different. It seemed to have disrupted some layouts (each organizer can customize the look of their page). I’ve gotten email from an organizer apologizing for the extra email. The popups asking you to tweet your RSVP (why would I want to tweet about an Valentine event more than 2 weeks away – now?) are intrusive. Per this announcement, the changes are to encourage more participation from members.

Here’s a pointer to a video that announces the changes…. however the video starts out interviewing some meetup groups in NYC so there is a lot of minutes to sit through.

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