Marketing Your Office Website, Does It Really Matter?

Let me ask you this, Does putting gasoline in your car really matter? I know that’s a pretty silly question and you are probably wondering how in the world does that have to do with marketing your dental website, but stick with me for a minute and you’ll see where I’m going with this.

How many of you would like a brand new car? Any car? Your dream car?

Okay, so now picture yourself at the car dealership sitting in your dream car, your hands on the wheel, the seat
perfectly forming to your behind… pretty cool right?

Now for the best part…you get to drive it home!

You can’t wait to show your friends and family your dream car. You climb inside, start the engine and the dealer was so kind to give you a 1/164 of a tank to get you home.

You pull in the driveway and honk the horn. Your family and friends come out and are just going crazy over your new car. They all take turns sitting inside, holding on to the steering wheel, playing with your new GPS navigation system, cranking the stereo testing out the new 8 speaker surround sound, rolling up and down the windows,
moving your seat back, up, down to fit them just right. Opening and closing your sun roof and playing with the rest of the gadgets and gizmos in amazement.

Everyone loves your brand new car and tell you you look absolutely awesome in it and they are totally jealous.

You hop in one last time just to make sure it’s still real before heading inside your house. The second you get inside you go to the closest window and look outside just making sure it’s still in your driveway.

For the next few hours you about every 5 minutes you keep looking out the window, even sometimes going back outside just to touch your new car. Things are pretty exciting.

The next day roles around and you just can’t wait to go for a long drive with the sun roof open and the radio blasting your favorite tunes.

You climb in your car, fasten your seat belt, put the key in the ignition, turn the key…

And nothing. At first your shocked. Maybe you didn’t turn the key far enough so you try again even harder.
Still nothing.

You check your gauges and everything looks perfect… Except one little yellow light that’s telling you..


It dawns on you that the dealer only gave you enough gas to get home and show your family and friends, but not enough for that long afternoon drive along the beach.

You’re a little bummed at the moment, but still extremely excited you have your new car.

You remember that as part of the “Extended Warranty” the dealership promised you gallons and gallons of gas free of charge as long as you kept paying your monthly payment.

So you give the dealership a call and tell them you need gas really bad so you can take your afternoon drive along the beach. They tell you they are doing all they can and will get you some gas as soon as possible.

So you wait around and a few days later someone shows up, puts in 1/164 off gas a leaves. Your excited, you got your first bit of gas, but not enough to go anywhere. So you continue to wait, and wait, and wait and you then realize your brand new car looks awesome, but your not able to take advantage of all that power, speed and gadgets.

Weeks, Months, Years go by and your still only receiving 1/164 off gas maybe once a week.

You’re now sick and tired of it and decide to look up companies that specializes in delivering gas. There are a few to choose from. Which one is the best one? Who will offer the best gas? Who will offer gas the quickest?

You have your choice of regular unleaded or premium unleaded with power boosters.

Regular Unleaded might get you around town, but doesn’t offer quite enough torque to get you where you really want to go.

Premium unleaded with power boosters will do everything you need. Give you all the power you can handle. And most importantly, fill up your tank of gas everyday. Your tank will never run dry again. Some days gas will even spill all over the place because there so much was delivered that day.

So which would you choose? Regular Unleaded Gas or Premium Unleaded with Power Boosters?

If you caught on during my car scenario you realized that your dream car represented your brand new website you built weeks, months or even years ago.

I’m sure when you finished your website you told your family and friends all about it. They all went to your website, clicked on all the buttons, looked at all the pictures, read all the material and thought it looked awesome just like when you brought home your new car for everyone to see. It was an exciting time.

The only problem was, when you went to drive your car there was no gas. Your car was beautiful, but stuck in your driveway.

Your website could be the most coolest website in the world, but without traffic (gas) it will just sit there and do nothing.

So is Dental Marketing important? I think through this demonstration we’ve proved how important online marketing truly is.

For whatever reason, businesses with websites seem to neglect online marketing. For some reason they think since they have a website traffic will just start flooding in overnight.

Dental Marketing is so complex it usually overwhelms everyone and so they just forget about it and “hope” traffic just falls in their lap.

Marketing your website is an absolute must if you want to drive in quality new patients. If you have a website just sitting their collecting dust, I suggest you call your web design company and cancel your $59 monthly payment and put that money to good use somewhere else.

There is absolutely no reason why your website shouldn’t be flooded with traffic. Millions of people are searching for dentists on a daily basis. It’s not like your in a business with zero demand or searches.

Dentists are in huge demand by millions of people everyday. The dentist that puts himself in front of those millions of people are the dentists reaping the rewards.

In the past dentists would use their marketing budgets for yellow pages, radio spots, direct mail and even some tv commercials.

Back then that’s what people used, but guess what? Things have changed.

The internet is sweeping the world by storm. Even yellow pages, radio, tv are all taking things to the internet.

Just think about it, when you want to find information or do research where do you go? Let me guess…the internet?

I could go on all day talking about this, but I think by now you get my point.

Internet marketing is, and will be in the future for many years to come, the best form of advertising out there. Your website can be seen by thousands of people each and every day 24/7. You can’t say that about any other form of advertising.

Internet marketing is like everything else, you get what you pay for.

You need to look at it on a business standpoint. Usually when you purchase something for $50 you don’t care much about it. You put it on the back burner and just let it go. If it does something great, it only cost $50. If it doesn’t do anything, great I only lost $50.

If you are serious about your dental practice you’ll invest in things that bring back a return.

Why do dentists spend $250,000 on digital x-ray units?
Why do dentists spend $100,000 on Cerec Crown machines?
Why do dentists spend $120,000 on Biolase Lasers?
Why do dentists spend $1,000,000 on a new practice? or remodel?

The answer is quite simple, it makes you money. It simplifies things, makes things easier. Attracts New Patients!!

For those of you who own some of those things I listed how much is your monthly payment? My guess is your paying $5000 or more for each item each and every month for the next 5-10 years.

How much is your Million Dollar practice costing you? I’d say around $15,000 a month for the next 30 years.

So, if you are willing to spend all that money to simplify things, make things easier, keep technology current, attract new patients, then wouldn’t it make sense to invest in a solid dental marketing company that will simplify your online marketing, keep current with hot trends and techniques, and attract new patients?

I think the answer is pretty simple…YES!

No matter who you are, people will always pay for quality.

There is a reason why you purchased the $250,000 x-ray unit instead of the $50,000 unit. There is something about quality that wins every time. Grab dental marketing by the horns and run with it. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Written by: J. King
Smile America Dental Marketing

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Allen Taylor says November 20, 2008

Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

Allen Taylor

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