Long Tail Keywords of Search … Video

70 percent of search queries are classified as long tail searches, those specific several keyword phrases that are more easier to convert and easier to rank for.

This video has some interesting statistics in it. Eric calculates that it is 4 times easier to rank for a long tail term than a head term and the conversion is at least two times easier.

Listen as Ralph Wilson interviews Eric Enge, SEO Expert on ‘How to Leverage the Long Tail of Search’.

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Wordpress old posts, rewrite and re-order posts says May 22, 2011

[…] a post on long tail keywords, I embedded a YouTube video that covers the topic (it’s worth watching) and added a few notes […]

Jaroodi says May 5, 2012

Great video on the long tail. It gave me a great idea about how can we leverage the long tail. Interesting how business only focus of the head tail not the long tail effective which would make a lot of money.

    Kathy Alice says May 7, 2012

    Glad it sparked some ideas for you. That’s the best kind of content!

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