Infographic: Social Media Landscape Guide to Brand, Traffic and SEO

This week I want to share an excellent infographic from entitled “The CMO’s Guide to Social Media Landscape”. The Infographic rates each social media network on its ability to deliver on customer communication, brand awareness, traffic and SEO benefits.

Social Media Landscape Infographic from

Social Media Landscape Infographic from

New to this year’s revision is Tumblr which it rated “Good” for SEO. I would love to get confirmation on that. Granted Tumblr posts and reblogs are a social signal to the search engines as Tweets would be, but I wonder if CMO’s claim that Tumblr is better rests solely on the fact that the links are followed (versus nofollow from Twitter). I’ve seen articles complaining about “Tumblr spam” and so you got to wonder if Google discounts links from Tumblr at least a little bit.

Other than my quibble with the rating on Tumblr’s SEO benefit – this is otherwise a great guide to the social media landscape. Each social media network has its own personality and each is good for different goals and this infographic captures the differentiation quite nicely.

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