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Now that I’m blogging more often, I want to improve my blog to attract more traffic. So I downloaded Problogger’s Guide “31 days to build a better blog”. Darren Rowse’s Guide gives you a task a day to improve your blog. What I had in mind was some technical changes I wanted to do (I’m really ready for a new theme), however the first task Darren’s guide put in front of me to was to write an elevator pitch for my blog. Definitely more of a challenge than changing the link color, at least to me.

We can break down an elevator pitch for a blog into a few things. You need a tag line on your blog. And you need something longer (a few sentences) that you can use in conversations, especially when people ask you to explain further your tag line.

The tag line for my blog is “Making Sense of the Web”. Although I wrote that a year or so ago, it still resonates true for me. What I do well is break down complicated technical problems and processes into bite size digestible chunks. The technical world is too vast not to specialize, so I focus on web technology as that is what my passion is. I like to follow technology trends and reflect what they might mean to the larger non techie world. I hope that my writings have helped others understand and even master technology.

Any good elevator pitch describes the audience it’s targeting. For example “Typically I work with people who have challenges with their …..”. So what is still up in the air, is audience I’m writing for. Although I often write for the entrepreneur who just wants to grow their business without technology getting in the way, I frequently get into more technical topics that is better geared for a different audience. I’m not sure I want to narrow the blog’s scope … even though I know that it would be better for it. That will stay up in the air for a while.

While the tag line has been in place for this blog for a while and I’m happy with it, the “About” page could definitely use some work. So as a result of Day 1 of the “31 Days to Build a Better Blog“, my about page is getting updated with an elevator pitch as well as a pointer to additional details about me.

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Kathy Alice Brown is a SEO expert specializing in Technical SEO and Content. In her spare time she loves to get outside.

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