How to Encourage Discussion with Informative Articles

One of the more widely understood ways of getting the search engines’ attention is quality content, but then the next issue is seriously considering how you’re going to keep everyone coming back for more! For both needs, one-of-a-kind, informative, top quality articles are an absolute necessity.

This will generate debate and drive in feedback from among readers and cause quite a bit of buzz around your article. Word travels fast on the Internet and Twitter, so your article will be getting lots of exposure while creating healthy dialogue at the same time.

There are several ways to encourage reader response to an article. In the past, most writers usually supplied their email at the close of the article. However, as no one reading the article can actually see anyone else’s comments, this is a passive response. A more active approach is to place a comments section at the bottom of your article where readers can give their opinions on what they’ve just read. But sometimes, the comments left can take attention away from the actual article or get off track from the original topic.

A better way to attract valuable feedback is to link the article to an online survey. This type of reader response also helps the writer or publisher obtain measurable comments. By implementing an online survey, you can discern whether readers enjoyed the article, if they had the same viewpoint as what was said, if they disagreed entirely, or if they had any other extra information to share.

There are websites available that assist with creating the online questionnaire and in providing information on how to link the survey to the article. Useful tools which track and measure feedback are also available. Some online survey providers also offer the option of sharing real time survey results with readers and provide incentive ideas to encourage readers to participate in the questionnaire.

Linking an online survey to an article is an ideal means of communication that motivates intense discussion about a specific topic. It’s an inexpensive investment that has great benefits in enabling you to get the most measurable response from an article.

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