Has Twitter lost its shine?

Interesting thing about observing trends, you can watch move them through groups as a wave.   Let’s take twitter for example, it first became popular with the tech hip as a cool way to share just about anything, in 140 characters or less.   I loved twitter at events such as the Web2.0 expo, following the instantaneous commentary on the speakers, and of course knowing where the cool party was.

In the last six months, it’s become the latest must have tool for entrepreneurial marketing.  Talks about using social media for marketing your business have become a staple at business networking events.   And with good reason, MarketOutLoud filled seats for it’s marketing events with it’s facebook connections.   Some became social media divas.  For the savvy it’s been a great lead generation tool.

But twitter has recently become less fun to use, at least for me.  It seems like every day I get a follow request from someone that has less than 40 updates (boring!), or even worse, zero.   And people that I chose to follow, immediately DM’ed me with a tweet with a link to their product.  These get unfollowed really quickly.

On the other hand, facebook which I initially didn’t like much has become a better place to hang out, I have enough friends who post interesting things to catch my interest.   The walled garden aspect of facebook, derided with frustration by some, seems to keep the riffraff out, the quality connections in.

And surprisingly, teenagers, a group you would have thought been the early adopters, don’t use twitter either. As my son’s sniffs “my Dad uses twitter”.

So if you have never used twitter, is it safe to ignore it now?  Absolutely, not.  Twitter is still a major force to be reckoned with.  As evidenced by the recent Iranian election unrest, twitter is where the news breaks first.  Fast breaking events that grab broad interest is where twitter shines, and it can be an excellent way to search for news.   And there are influencers in the twittersphere that can direct significant traffic, if you want to play in the twitterspace for business reasons, at the very least find the ones in your industry to keep a pulse on your market.

And if you didn’t know what a DM was, it’s high time you figured it out.

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Maria says July 16, 2009

Twitter HAS changed. I’ve been using it for nearly 2-1/2 years and I can’t believe how different it is. Between the “follower collectors” and the spammers, the quality of tweets has dropped dramatically.

One thing you mentioned above is “follower requests.” Twitter does not have follower requests. It has new follower notifications. Just because someone is following you, you shouldn’t feel compelled to follow back. Follow the people you WANT to follow. Chances are, the follower collectors — those people who follow just to get more followers — will drop you when you don’t follow back. That’s okay, isn’t it? It’s unfortunate that all of this is automated by bots that follow you depending on words in your tweets. If the new follower notifications bug you, just turn them off. A better way to add followers would be to follow the folks who engage you with @replies.

Oh, and thanks for the link!

Kathy Alice says July 17, 2009


Thanks for the clarification!

You are so right, “follower notification” is a better description of the mechanism. And yes, I just ignore many of the notifications unless their updates show that they have something interesting to say.

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