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Google LogoMany people are familiar with Google Analytics, a free service from Google that provides traffic statistics. Fewer are familiar with Google Webmasters Tools which is packed with all sorts of useful information about your site. Google Webmasters Tools gives you a number of hints on what to change or fix on your site to help it rank better, you can register XML sitemaps, see information on crawl information, and get SEO optimization suggestions.

However up to now, it’s been a pain to help clients, especially the less technically knowledgeable ones, set up verified Google Webmasters Tools access to their site. For every Google account, you had to upload a file to the root directory or add a meta tag to the home page.

Now, as long as you have one user is verified with Webmasters Tools, that user can easily add additional verified users.

In a blog post, sharing the verification love, the webmaster central blog outlines how it is done. The one caveat is that the access is binary (either you have it or you don’t). Unlike Google Analytics you can’t just give “read only” access.

If you need to set up both Google Analytics and Webmasters Tools for a WordPress site, this post will walk you through it.

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