Google Keyword Tool – Three Must Know Tips

The Google keyword tool is relied on by many marketers and SEOs to do keyword research. Originally created for research for Google AdWords campaigns, it is a useful keyword tool whether you plan to do an AdWords campaign or not. However to get the full benefit of the tool, here are three tips to keep in mind:

  1. Google Keywords SigninSign in: If you don’t have a Google account, create one and make sure you sign in (link located at the upper left) before using this tool. By signing in, instead of showing you 100 keywords, the tool will give you up to 800 keywords to pursue through. Additionally there are extra filters that only show up when you are signed in. To get to the filters, click on “advanced options and filters” below the search term box.
  2. Google Keyword Tool Competition Filter
    So if you would like to use the expanded filter list, make sure you are signed in.

  3. Google Keyword Tool MatchTypesDon’t use broad match: By default Google will show you counts for every search query that has your search terms in any order. Say you typed in “red tennis shoes” into the keywords tool, leaving the tool set at the broad matchtype will include queries such as “tennis shoes that aren’t red” or “how to dye tennis shoes red”. If you are selling red tennis shoes, you would not be interested in these queries. The tricky bit is that you have to run the query once before you have the option to select the other match types: “exact” or “phrase”, which is located on the left navigational under categories. While it depends on why you are researching keywords, probably your best bet is “exact” (matches exactly the query that was typed in by the searcher), however there are times that “phrase” (queries that contain the phrase) can be useful too.
  4. Google Keyword Tool - Closely Related CheckboxClosely related terms: Sometimes you can be researching a keyword that is related to a very popular keyword that is searched on with lots of variants. These can “crowd out” the keywords you are really interested in. To keep your keyword research niched and focused, make sure you select the “Only show idea closely related to my search terms” checkbox, which is located just under the box you type in your search terms. If you are more in a brainstorming mode, and looking for keyword ideas, leave it unchecked.

With these three tips you can harness the power of the Google Keyword Tool more effectively for your keyword research.

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