Four Things You Do To Kill Her Sex Drive

Do you know what your Facebook apps are sharing about you?

If you saw a catchy title like “Four Things You Do To Kill Her Sex Drive” shared with you on Facebook wouldn’t you click on it? I admit that I did. And then I got this:

Facebook App Social Reader

Washington Post Social Reader Facebook App

Note the “This app may post on your behalf, including articles you read and more.” Ummm, “post on my behalf”? No thank you.

This particular article spawned many comments in the blogosphere about “Facebook oversharing” (Facebook itself calls it “frictionless sharing”). I wonder how many people, who have installed these types of apps, realize that what they read on Yahoo or the Washington Post may get shared with their Facebook friends. I wonder how many changed the “Public” setting before installing. Perhaps it’s not a good thing to let your coworkers know that you are reading up on the latest medical issue you might be experiencing. You think?

Some proactive damage control is called for here. Look through your list of apps that you have given permission to access your Facebook data (Account Settings -> Apps). You might be surprised at what shows up on the list, those apps can be sneaky. Browsing through your Privacy settings is a good idea too. I unchecked the box “My App Activity” for “How people bring your info to apps they use”.

Needless to say, I did not install the Washington Post Social Reader Facebook App – but I did go looking for the original article, which proved difficult to find, even when searching on the Washington Post site. But if you would like to hear DivineCaroline’s take on the article, she’s all over it, and has spread many links to her blog post all over the net. Seems like Google has a ways to go on recognizing original authors. 🙁

Maybe Washington Post should investigate the rel author tag rather than relying on this sort of Facebook app for their traffic. And what’s so wrong with allowing a click through to the article even if I say “no thank you” to the app? At least they would get a visit out of me to their site.

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