Facebook lifts 25 likes requirement for usernames?

Like Webenso's Facebook PageHas Facebook lifted the 25 likes requirement that a page needs to get it’s own custom username? When I was messing around with the new Facebook timeline format I noticed a link to “choose username” in the admin panel. Not thinking it would work, because I only had 10 likes on the page, I went ahead and clicked on it anyway, and to my great surprise, I was able to get a username for the page!

Just to quickly recap. When you first create a Facebook fan page, your page will have an ugly looking URL with lots of numbers. The Facebook documentation continues to say that 25 people have to like your page before you can choose your custom username so that you can have a prettier URL for your page.

People have noticed that the 25 like requirement has been lifted before. But it always has been transient. Maybe the limit has been lowered? Or perhaps it is related to the rollout of the Facebook Timeline feature? Whatever it is, there is no guarantee it will last, so give it a try soon.

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Kathy Alice says March 7, 2012

If the requirement comes back, you can always get your 25 likes by visiting 25 Likes Facebook Page

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