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Facebook’s privacy settings can be a confusing tangle of options, just check out this new york times graphic for an overview.

A handy tool can be found at www.reclaimprivacy.org. What you do is drag and drop the scanner from the site to your bookmark bar, log into facebook and then click on “Scan for Privacy”. Most of my settings in the scan were tagged as “caution”. Only “friends can accidentally share your personal information” was marked as insecure. However clicking to fix and rescanning didn’t work. So I went and looked at the actual settings. Most of the information listed I really have no problem with people sharing. Many marketers would love to have their website shared .. even accidentally. I have turned off sharing of my religious and political views and relationship status (more because I don’t want to be targeted in any way rather than caring what is shared about me).

Some people really don’t want their information shared at all. Personally I think of facebook of a giant bulletin board. If you use it, you just need to accept that your privacy is limited on it, if you have stuff about you that you don’t want to be shared .. then just don’t post it. As Marty Cooper (father of the cell phone) recently said on a 60 minutes interview: “Sorry. Privacy is a thing of the past”.

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