Facebook pages and applications .. oh my!

Despite about having gone public about creating a Facebook fan page, I have not created one. But I’m not in complete inertia regarding Facebook pages. Sometimes when you put an intention out to the universe, it responds. This response came in the form of a business partner asking for help.

Bonnie wants a fan page for her website on collecting Breyer Horse Models. And she did create one … well not exactly. At first I was confused I could only see one page created from her account which had to do with her organic wheat business but nothing about Breyer Models. Then I realized what she had created was a Facebook application rather than an actual page.

In poking around discussions on Facebook pages, I’m picking up a lot of confusion among people creating and trying to use them. When you go to the create page, you have to decide whether you are an “official representative” of a brand, local, or public figure. You have to specify your page name. Turns out these things, once set, can’t be changed. The person that wanted to create a facebook page for their website and used http in the page name. Sorry, he has to start again with a new name. The person who decided their page was more of a brand than local business? Same answer.

There is also the confusion of community pages and groups (also presented as options on the create page form). Which one do you choose? If ever there was a market for a dummies book, Facebook was it. And sure enought, there already is a “Facebook for dummies” book with it’s very own facebook page..

Unfortunately the page is not being kept up (last wall post was a year ago) and the reviews of the book not promising (“useless” was used as a description). Then there is the matter of the rapid change of Facebook, a book that was published more than a year ago is already out of date for the Facebook of today. Let’s hope for a revision.

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