Creating a username for your Facebook Fan Page

Remember that mad rush where everyone jumped on the net to choose their facebook username? Your Facebook Fan Page can have it’s own username as well. Instead of some awful URL like…. (no this is not intended to be a real URL), you want a nice and simple one for your business, like

Usernames are different from the actual page names in that they are like a vanity URL for your page. The page name is what appears on the page itself.

There is a catch, however, in that at least 25 people must “like” your new fan page before you are allowed to choose a username for it. For my partner Bonnie, social networker that she is, that wasn’t a problem, she achieved that within a day. Note to self, there is a reason you partner ….

Username for Facebook Fan Page

Username for Facebook Fan Page

Contrary to what I thought, you don’t create a username for your page by editing the page. No you go to a separate URL to actually create it: If you have chosen a username for your personal profile it will show you that, and if you have any fan pages, there will be a second box with a dropdown list. Choose your page from that list and then type in your username. As it warns you, once chosen, you can’t change it, so choose wisely.

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