To Facebook Fan Page or Not, That is the Question

There is no question that Facebook Fan Pages is a powerful tool in getting businesses found. A few months ago I was searching for businesses to help me secure a rental property. After trying a couple of queries, I found a facebook fan page for a business that installs temporary steel shutters on rental properties. Their page was boring, the same marketing message over and over again on their wall. However, the point is, I found them, they got my business, and my search query would have never found their website.

Clearly, from the SEO perspective, a fan page is a force to be reckoned with.

I would be reamiss if I didn’t point out you don’t get this same SEO bang for your buck (well your labor buck) with facebook groups. If you want an alternative to an ESP (email service provider), maybe a facebook group is something for you to consider. But if you want your business to be found, do a fan page.

Being in the business of giving out web advice, I should do a fan page, right? And yes I’ve been meaning to for a while. But I haven’t quite aligned my internal thinking about facebook quite right yet. I mainly use facebook to catch up with friends, past colleagues. I get annoyed with the few marketers I am connected to that woodenly spit out their messaging out in posts day after day. Only a select few do it right by making it personal and inviting conversation.

So I haven’t quite come around to expanding my use of a tool I solely use on a personal basis to a blatant business use. And “fan” page? What an affront to my inner lone wolf. I have to ask people to become a fan? Ick. Not too mention that I have to deal with this needy wall thing that wants constant feeding. Did I mention I’m not a natural extrovert?

Facebook itself isn’t helping. There is that whole convoluted privacy thing that has everyone up in arms. Did you know that May 31st is Quit Facebook Day? And I quote “Quitting Facebook is like quitting smoking..”. Maybe I should sit back and see how this turns out.

However that would be just too easy. I’m in the business of giving web advice remember? Especially SEO advice. So I will create a fan page. Hold me to it and don’t let me waffle anymore.

About the Author Kathy Alice

Kathy Alice Brown is a SEO expert specializing in Technical SEO and Content. In her spare time she loves to get outside.

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Jeannie Shea says May 25, 2010

Excellent point, and one I have been struggling with as well. (I found your blog from your comment on Ann Evanston’s Facebook comment about social media experts (so-called). I love being on Facebook, but I just hate getting bombarded with someone’s marketing message over and over again – wooden is a great way to describe it. I’ll be interested to view your business page once you finally set one up.

Kathy Alice says May 25, 2010

I’ll be sure to blog about it. Let us know if you decide to do one as well!

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