Many options to choose from: Adding Facebook Fan Page buttons to your website

Now that I have a rudimentary Facebook Fan Page set up I wanted to setup a way for people to get from my site to my fan page and Like it.  I thought this would be a 15 minute task, but I got mired in confusion and sidetracked. I would love it if Facebook experts would comment on this post because I still don’t feel I’ve mastered this topic at all.

“Like” and “Like”Facebook Like Button

I wasn’t looking to implement a way for people to Like my posts.  That’s already there, although I need to make it more visible.   What Like usually means is that a link to the post is posted to your wall and shared with your Facebook friends.   Some websites have also made it so that clicking on Like means that you are actually “Liking” their fan page.  On the one hand this is what I wanted as feature, but on the other hand I think using the Like button for this can be misleading, as you might be thinking you are Liking an article but are actually Liking the fan page which is unfortunately not straightforward to undo. So I was looking for a similar concept but wanted it to be clear to the user what was happening.

Badges and Like BoxesFacebook Like Badge

Facebook has Badges and Like Boxes that you can install on your website. These weren’t exactly what I wanted either. I didn’t want a big box with all the Facebook activity on my site (at least not for now). I also didn’t want to put a box with my personal profile on my website either. I just wanted a simple way for people to connect with my fan page from the website. Also, some of the Facebook plugins don’t seem to work unless you have the magical 25 Likes. So this was a dead end as well.

Find Us on Facebook Buttons

Searching on “Facebook buttons” led me to with many promising looking buttons. However the ones I tried to generate code for asked me for my personal profile id code (I guess fan pages don’t have a separate profile, do they?). So this again didn’t seem to be what I wanted, as I wanted to keep my personal profile out of this task.

It’s just a link silly

Finally I went and looked at some prominent blogs to see how they did it. And all it was, was an image hyper-linked to their Facebook fan page. So the user would be taken to the fan page, and they would then need to take a separate action to Like the page. Since I was over an hour into this task, I just used the site to generate some code for me. Maybe later I’ll look for or design a graphic to replace it.

So there you have it, a story of how even the simplest of tasks can go astray. While it would be cool to have the Like built into the click, it’s apparently more work than I am willing to take on at the moment. Maybe something in the future – what are you doing on your website to connect it with your Fan page?

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Beau says March 1, 2012

Buddy right now I am right now looking for the same thing.

Sure a like button is all good but how can I redirect them to my fan page that I just spent the last two hours building?

Any ideas? I want people to visit my site then have direct access to my fan page.

    Kathy Alice says March 3, 2012

    Just create an image that is a link to your Facebook fan page – that’s what I did – after noticing many of the prominent bloggers doing the same thing.

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