Does User Experience Matter for SEO?

bad user experience with a donut

Don’t do this to your users !!

I have lost count of how many times a business owner has said to me: I’m good with my SEO, I got my keywords added to my site and I am done.

Well it’s a little more involved in that.

For example, did you know that the user experience of your site may be harming its SEO performance? When you step back and look at the bigger picture, it makes sense. Google has repeatedly said that its top goal is to deliver a great search experience to you, the searcher. If you are clicking through the search engine results pages and getting crappy sites and consequently leaving right away – don’t you think Google notices if enough people are behaving this way?

User Experience and how it matters for SEO was the topic of a recent interview I did for Ann Hession’s radio show: Turning Problems into Profits

You may know about “signals” (also known as ranking factors). These are all the criteria that Google (and the other search engines such as Bing) takes into account when deciding whether to show your site on page 1. Signals are more than keyword based, and include clues to a site visitor’s behavior. When I do an evaluation of a site, there are certain “user engagement signals” that I pay attention to. One critical one is “time on site”.

Ann and I talked about this and more. Click on the below play button to learn (it’s about 30 minutes long):

  • Three reasons why time on site is so important
  • Why you need to think beyond the home page when it comes to user experience
  • Three tips to improve the user experience on your site

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a great experienceA great user experience is fun!

Here’s a direct link to the page where you can get the User Experience Matters Report and 3 step evaluation tool that I mentioned on the call:

User Experience Matters – Free report and Tool

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