The Brave New Fontier of Mobile Web Marketing

Click to Call Mobile AdAre you ready for the new frontier in online advertising? Mobile marketing in the guise of SMS marketing has been around for a few years, but it’s reach has expanded to the web. Now that smartphones are becoming more common, Comscore reports 6.8% of all US web traffic is now over mobile devices. However even if your target audience isn’t the digerati toting the latest iPhone, keep in mind that many non smartphones are WAP capable, giving them some internet abilities. In fact Google Adwords allows you to create WAP ads specifically.

More and more users are turning to their cell phones for search while they are on the go, or even while sitting in front of the television. With some people, the cell phone might as well be attached surgically to their body. With mobile web advertising you can target your ads to these mobile searchers.

Searchers with a phone can do one thing that a desktop computer can not, which is to actually make phone calls. This creates an opportunity for mobile ads to have a button or link that actually places a phone call when tapped or clicked. This is known as Click-to-Call.

To educate myself about Click to Call I signed up for a course colorfully called MobileMoneyBandit. The course focuses on marketing a phone number both via paid advertising and using “free” organic methods. Justin also covers how to find companies with toll free numbers specifically set up for this type of advertising. He definitely knows his topic and his videos are well done. I definitely think he could charge more for the information he provides.

The approach of advertising a phone number in addition or instead of a website or link holds a lot of promise. Google launched Click-to-Call for it’s adwords advertising in January 2010 and a year later, hundreds of thousands of advertisers were using the ad format. Google found that “In recent studies we found that when compared to ads without phone numbers, Click-to-call ads drive a 6-8% average increase in click-through rates.” For advertisers it is a win as well as conversions on a phone call have always been higher than with visitors to a website.

FYI, the MobileMoneyBandit link is an affiliate link, but keep in mind that I recommend very few products on this blog. If you are serious about learning about Mobile Web Marketing, this is a great place to start.

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