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As I posted earlier this month, for the month of August I primarily blogged on Google+.

Now that the #BlogsOfAugust challenge from Mike Elgan is over, I wanted to share my five key takeaways from that experience.

I’ve also included thoughts from other #BlogsOfAugust participants who shared their experiences on what surprised them the most about blogging on the ‘Plus.

The surprisingly fast pace at which you get followers. G+ is blooming right now! Daniel Montesinos

My Five Key Takeaways from blogging on Google+

  • The interaction you get on Google+ is vastly superior than any other social platform. Twitter as a conversational medium hasn’t worked for me. Facebook is better but the culture there is different and for me Facebook is more about staying connected with people I know in the offline world. I found that G+ is far from being the ghost town it is labelled as. It’s a real pleasure to get comments on your posts (real non spammy comments!) and see the high level of thought and care that go into the posts that others create. I’ve had more meaningful interaction on Google+ in the month of August that I have ever had over the several years that I have been on Facebook and I have met many interesting people.

    The single most surprising thing for me was the level of engagement on Google+ versus Blogger. I got more comments on my G+ entries in a single month than I think I’ve received on Blogger … ever Mike Jenkinson

  • Google+ is primarily a place to have discussions. I came to think of it as a stream of consciousness that you jump into: to ask question, think out loud and join the conversation. And I knew this intellectually, but surprisingly it was still a paradigm shift I had to make as this is not how I think of blogging. I realized that with my posts on WebEnso, I had come to think of them as complete articles that could stand alone as a piece of work just like a magazine article. On Google+ your posts kick off a thread in a rich tapestry of discussion. It’s a much more dynamic model with potentially greater rewards. But you have to be willing to engage with the stream at the moment, coming back to a discussion after it’s gone quiet, doesn’t work.

    On Google+, the interactivity between author and audience is so dynamic that the original post is often just a trigger to a larger discussion—that is, the beginning of the conversation, not the end of it. M. Sinclair Stevens

  • Communities rule. Communities are my favorite feature on Google+ There you can find smart, engaged people discussing topics that you care about. Refreshingly (compared to Twitter and Facebook), there’s no self promotion, no hype; and link dropping is frowned upon. Think of it like networking with your tribe with none of the overt “buy now” pressure, even if your tribe is a bunch of marketers.

    I was surprised how helpful the other bloggers are and how much I can learn from them. Silvan Rehan

  • It’s unstructured. Formatting capabilities in the ‘Plus are rudimentary. You can bold and add italics but that is about it. Links show up as URLs, there is no ability to create link anchor text. If you like to have your posts organized by type or topic, you can create a scheme using hash tags, but the platform really isn’t intended to work this way. Some found this lack of structure problematic. For me it was the lack of organization took some getting used to. I would find that I would want to go back to a post and reread it and not be able to find it. As I said before it’s a stream, you swim with it in the moment and don’t look back.

    It’s easy to blog on Google+! I stopped worrying about formatting, SEO, linking, photos, etc., and just started having fun. Frank Mease

  • It’s an ideal place to build authority If you need to create your online persona, Google+ is a great place to start. With it’s tie-in to Google Authorship, your writings and creations are enhanced with authorship markup in the SERPs. And from the pure SEO perspective, the links in your posts and your profile pass page rank, which are even more valuable if you are an influencer in the Google+ world. And just today, Google rolled out a new author attribution feature? If you had any doubts about Google wanting to move the web towards what some have called the “Identity Web”, this should convince you. Now your Google credentials will create an association for your activities on – and there are more sites to come.

    The single most surprising thing to me has been the level of engagement with my posts. This has far exceeded my expectations based on experiences with other blogging platforms. It’s been so promising that our company is planning to begin blogging on G+. Tim Bain

Mike Elgan summary blog post embedded!

Google also announced a new Google+ feature that allows you to embed a Google+ post into your blog. I’m excited about this as I was already intending to cross post between my blog and Google+ and this will make it easier. Below I’ve embedded the Mike Elgan Google+ post that has more comments from the #BlogsOfAugust challenge participants (including yours truly) about their month blogging on Google+.

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