Another use for Facebook fan pages

There are some creative uses of Facebook fan pages out there. Ann Evanston has one called BloggerMonday where 10 blogs are submitted every week and everyone comments on them. Now here’s another that is being used to create a marketplace as an alternative to eBay.

It started as a whim of Bonnie, who is behind the breyerhorsecollectors Facebook fan page. “Why don’t we have a Black Friday sale here on this Facebook page? It turned into a big success, so much so that they are doing it again. Sellers upload photos in into albums of their Breyer Horse Models they want to trade and sell and then post a link to that album to the wall page.

Now the question, how to monetize something like this?

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Dazzco says December 13, 2010

this sounds like a good idea. Facebook fan pages are growing. I will have to check out this bloggermonday site. For good reads click Hooked on shopping

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