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While wordpress.com has given you a way to blog under your own domain using custom mapped domains …. it hasn’t been a perfect solution. If you set it up right when you started blogging, there is no issue, your content gets out on the net under your own domain (eg. joesmith.com rather than joesmith.wordpress.com). But for those of us that have a subdomain well established under wordpress.com it was less than ideal. Why? Because the redirect from xxx.wordpress.com to xxx.com was a 302 redirect rather than a 301 redirect.

302 redirects, which means “temporarily moved” are treated by the search engines in an unpredictable manner, your original URL might get indexed or your new one .. who knows. In contrast, a 301 redirect, “moved permanently”, created a much better chance of your new URL getting the index and the traffic.

wordpress has fixed this now though, now the redirect from your wordpress.com subdomain to your custom domain is now a search engine friendly 301 redirect. Now, there is no excuse for me not to create a domain for my real estate wordpress.com blog.

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Motorcycle Trikes says November 25, 2010

Please do not be offended, having said that I just observed a comprehensive duplicate of this submit in excess of on an additional internet site. Not even optimistic who?s copying whom, but I reckoned I should certainly inform you.

    Kathy Alice says November 28, 2010

    Not offended, but noted you didn’t tell me what internet site had duplicated my article. And a search didn’t turn it up. Want to clarify? Or is this comment spam in disguise?

Jake Posey Startup Marketing & Management says January 27, 2013

Do you know how 1and1 handles this, or do I need to write a line in HTML code for my domain that I want to redirect?

    Kathy Alice says January 31, 2013

    This post was about blogs on the wordpress.com domain which is a “hosted for you” solution, so 1and1 wouldn’t be involved. But you might be asking about 301s in self hosted wordpress sites – which is a whole other topic – but I would tell you to look into the Redirection plugin. You do not want to use the HTML meta refresh code.

    If we are not talking about WordPress: Many ISPs do provide a redirect functionality at the domain level – My Domains and SEO post might make for good reading, certainly I’ve gotten a lot of questions in the comments!

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